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5 star ratingEarlier this year, I was so clueless as to what type of career path I wanted to pursue. I had been freelancing in Digital Marketing and desperately needed a change. Then in late April, I looked up top career coaches... read more

Kareemah A. Avatar
Kareemah A.

5 star ratingJeff overdelivered on all the program's promises! He gave me a level of clarity about my career options I never would have figured out on my own. He also showed me new ideas for creating a business. And... read more

Lynette P. Avatar
Lynette P.

5 star ratingI am a law student and had three coaching sessions with Jeff when I was interviewing for law firm jobs. I ended up receiving an offer from the New York City office of a V10 law firm. Jeff helped me... read more

Eric X. Avatar
Eric X.

5 star ratingI had a good experience with Jeff. After the second session i didn't feel like he had understood me and i did not agree with his feedback/recommendations. He asked to have a third session with me at no charge and... read more

Dew P. Avatar
Dew P.

5 star ratingLet me begin by saying, I came Into this process with great doubt, fear and the thought that nothing would help. This was quickly changed by Jeff's professionalism. His systematic approach allowed me to find my areas of strength and... read more

Dexter W. Avatar
Dexter W.

5 star ratingI found Jeff Neil online through his site New career breakthrough at a time when I had no idea what I wanted to do next and what my strengths were. After talking with him... read more

K J. Avatar
K J.

5 star ratingJeff is amazing. Facing a career switch is a daunting, soul searching process. Jeff knows the job market extremely well and helped me to position myself for a career move into different industries. He is the ultimate coach, guiding me,... read more

George L. Avatar
George L.

5 star ratingNeeded to come on here and give my 2 cents on Jeff's coaching- it was one of the best decisions I've made career wise.

I met with Jeff for about 3-4 sessions, a little over a year and a half ago....
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Lynette R. Avatar
Lynette R.

As someone with a grab bag of skills and work experience who was unsure what types of careers would be worth pursuing, I found my time with Jeff to be extremely beneficial.

After setting up an appointment, Jeff sends you a...
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Pat Tarantino Avatar
Pat Tarantino

Jeff was fantastic to work with -- he really helped me gain the clarity and confidence I needed to make a career switch by honing in on my key strengths/interests, and finding latent patterns in the companies/types of roles/skill types... read more

Phway Aye Avatar
Phway Aye

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience working with Jeff. From my resume to interview his advisement was integral to my success. He helped me identify specific career goals, guided me through the resume process and helped me develop... read more

Rebecca Paul Avatar
Rebecca Paul

Great, clear structure. He is trustworthy and never felt he was trying to squeeze money out of me. He has passion for what he does. Some of his suggestions for me I had considered, a lot I... read more

Sarah Rattan Avatar
Sarah Rattan

5 star ratingWe've all either been guilty of asking, or even the victim of the cliche question when meeting new people, "What do you do?" While that question can open up a lot of common-ground-finding conversation, it can also be daunting... read more

Erin L. Avatar
Erin L.

5 star ratingI highly recommend Jeff Neil!

As a former teacher who was transitioning out of the classroom, I struggled to rewrite my career narrative when applying for jobs in my new field. Many recruiters asked, "OK, so you were a teacher,...
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Jennif L. Avatar
Jennif L.

HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE! After leaving my job of 12 years, at a certain (ahem) age, and with a very diverse career background prior to my long-term job, I was experiencing profound trepidation on how to broach my next steps; Jeff... read more

Bonnie Erickson Avatar
Bonnie Erickson

5 star ratingJeff's advice and support was essential to my recent search. Between 1-on-1 calls and his depth of online content, I felt supported from start to finish. Finding a new job is hard work and I wasn't sure that... read more

Rebecca B. Avatar
Rebecca B.

I highly recommend Jeff for his career coaching services. I had my first appointment with him a few months ago when I was at a very low point in my career. Ten years out of college, I’ve worked in several... read more

Nicole Solazzo Avatar
Nicole Solazzo

5 star ratingI highly recommend Jeff for his career coaching services. I had my first appointment with him a few months ago when I was at a very low point in my career. Ten years out of college, I've worked in several... read more

Nicole S. Avatar
Nicole S.

5 star ratingWhen I was first looking through reviews I was not sure whether I needed a career councilor or a recruiter. The title New Career Breakthrough enticed me to sign up. I was also expecting Jeff to want hundreds or thousands... read more

Brook B. Avatar
Brook B.

5 star ratingExpensive but worth it. I was referred to Jeff Neil by my brother who made a huge career change after his career coaching sessions with Jeff. I benefitted greatly as well and was suggested career options that never would have... read more

Carly T. Avatar
Carly T.

Since we last spoke, I have taken a new job as an executive recruiter, which was one of Jeff's suggestions.

Could not be more excited to start in my new career/industry.

Would not have gotten to where I am now...
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Ryan McCabe Avatar
Ryan McCabe

At first I thought the price was really steep for the short amount of time you actually get to meet with Jeff, but boy do I feel differently after meeting with him just TWICE! The amount of knowledge, and experience... read more

M H Avatar

5 star ratingJeff is THE BEST!

Since we last spoke, I have taken a new job as an executive recruiter, which was one of Jeff's suggestions.

Could not be more excited to start in my new career/industry.

Would not have gotten to where...
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Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.

Jeff was tremendous in preparing me for my job search and interviews. He helped reshape my marketing materials while also advising on unique strategies to make myself more attractive to recruiters and hiring mangers.

Under Jeff's tutelage, I learned techniques...
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Matt Steinberg Avatar
Matt Steinberg

5 star ratingWhen I first contacted Jeff, I was a bored lawyer who was not happy with my career (like so many) but I admit I was a little skeptical mostly because I had worked with another coach who didn't get me... read more

Marlowe D. Avatar
Marlowe D.

5 star ratingVery helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks to his advice as well as resume and LinkedIn help I was able to start on my new career path and I found a job within two months.

Elisabeth D. Avatar
Elisabeth D.

Jeff is simply the best and worth the investment! He's a thoughtful coach who tailors to each person. I have used him and recommended him to several friends who all felt empowered for interviews and landed even better jobs.

Bethany Carlson Avatar
Bethany Carlson

5 star ratingI found Jeff through online search for career coaches and always feel grateful about it. I was looking for a career transition and he has a very good experience and knowledge in that area. I accepted a job few days... read more

Meera V. Avatar
Meera V.

5 star ratingI found Jeff while I was searching for career coaches in NYC and I decided to work with him on my resume because of the good reviews on Yelp and Google and also because the services he offers are much... read more

Berkay K. Avatar
Berkay K.

5 star ratingI just needed to share that working with Jeff has helped me land a job that matches exactly the skills I want to be using and increases my salary by 63%. I'm actually still in shock.

I had been to...
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Dawne E. Avatar
Dawne E.

5 star ratingI never write reviews, ever. But I was incredibly happy and hopeful with the consultation I received working with Jeff. In just 2 sessions (and 1 free initial phone consultation), I feel equipped to expand my career and challenge myself... read more

R. J. Avatar
R. J.

5 star ratingMy experience working with Jeff has been tremendous! I have relied on his expertise for 3+ years and trust his guidance. There is a lot of career information online but I've found that he always has the unique... read more

Kristin G. Avatar
Kristin G.

5 star ratingJeff was absolutely perfect. He helped me find a career I never would have even knew existed. As a result of going to just a few sessions with him, I have a career that pays me much better, gives... read more

Jason G. Avatar
Jason G.

I am actually working at an exciting new job where I use my skills and I'm challenged to develop in the exact directions that interest me. When I met with Jeff Neil I truly did not know what was... read more

Laurie D Avatar
Laurie D

5 star ratingHi all,

I don't usually post on yelp at all though I am a frequent browser. I had to post something about Jeff because he changed my life in the matter of 2 months!

After deciding to use a career coach...
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Brittany H. Avatar
Brittany H.

5 star ratingVery insightful. I was unexpectedly downsized last year and found myself not wanting to go back into the events / entertainment field. I looked around for options and based on a recommendation of a friend decided to hire Jeff Neil... read more

Susan H. Avatar
Susan H.

5 star ratingAs advertised! Completely professional. Jeff gives you all the resources you need to make a career change and is readily available to answer any quick follow up questions you may have.

I scheduled 3 sessions with Jeff, followed his coaching...
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Aaron S. Avatar
Aaron S.

5 star ratingI have utilized Jeff's career coaching services many times over the past several years. Initially I contacted him to help me determine the best way to transition out of a field that I no longer wished to work in. I... read more

Corey D. Avatar
Corey D.

5 star ratingI graduated from college at the start of a recession. This left me feeling defeated when trying to get a job on my own. I felt clueless and limited with ways to approach landing my dream job. After working with... read more

Nicole N. Avatar
Nicole N.

5 star ratingMy consultation with Jeff was fantastic! He took the time to go over my resume with me in detail giving me concrete examples of how to restructure it to show me in my best light.

He had clearly done his...
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Alden L. Avatar
Alden L.

5 star ratingI came to Jeff at a point where I felt sort of frozen and confused about what direction to take in my career. Jeff understood my situation and my goals before we even met (from our phone consult and a... read more

Richard M. Avatar
Richard M.

5 star ratingMy boyfriend had been searching for a job for nearly a year and I purchased a session with Jeff as a surprise gift to help boost his confidence and assist with his interview skills. After only one session my... read more

A C. Avatar
A C.